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There are two main parts to a shaving brush. The handle and the bristle load. These days handles are generally synthetic, wood or metal. In the past it was possible to buy a brush with a handle of much more exotic origins such as ivory, horn, crystal, porcelain, bejewelled precious metals, or even petrified penis.
The shaving brush was bought for the handle and the statement it made about the user. It was a status symbol that on a daily basis reinforced the owners’ proper place in the universe.

 Today brushes are chosen for the quality of their bristle. The least expensive are the Synthetics. The main problem with these is that they don’t hold enough water to produce a good creamy lather. Without this a close shave cannot be achieved and the razor will pull and drag the skin.

Boar bristle brushes are still modestly priced and hold more water for a moist lather and cleaner shave. The drawback with boar bristles is they are quite brittle and snap easily. It is therefore recommended that the lather be develops in the mug, then the lather applied to the face in a painting motion..
The best brushes are badger hair and are perfectly suited to the task. Like most natural furs it is available in varying grades with similarly varying prices. The grades are determined by which area of the animals’ body the hair has come from.

Pure Badger this bristle type covers about 60%of the badgers body. The colour ranges from light tan to black. Dark and silver hair of the highest quality is carefully graded for our hand filled brushes. This is the least supple of the badger brushes owing to its larger shaft diameter. Traditionalists favour the firmer feel of this brush, as it exfoliates the skin prior to shaving. Our pure badger range comes in the classic tapered head shape.

Super Badger hair is somewhat longer and covers about 25% of the badgers body. This hair is chosen by the more discerning wet shaver for its softness on the skin and water retention qualities. A unique dark band capped by light, almost white tips makes this hair very recognisable in appearance. All of our badger hair brushes are hand made and the tapered head shape is achieved without the use of trimming machinery, a time saving method by some manufacturers. As a result we guarantee the softest and smoothest of shaves from tips in their natural state a super badger brush should give its user many years of service

Silver Tip is the finest badger hair available and originates from the neck of the badger. The silver tip badger hair brush is given a special status among the shaving fraternity; indeed some would deem it the Holy Grail. The hair shaft is finer and its tips are lighter in colour and more flared providing a decadently luxurious sensation when used. The hair is untreated and comes in its natural state, shaped by hand and left untrimmed to give an exceptionally soft feel. The flared tips which provide insulation to the badger, allow the brush to hold a greater volume of water which when infused with the shaving cream creates a moister, better performing lather. This allows for a closer less irritating shave

An investment in a quality brush will repay you with years of close comfortable shaves.

To ensure the long life of your brush always dry on a drip stand to allow the moisture to run away from the bristle load.

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